woman5Meso threads provide an innovative and unique opportunity to correct the oval face shape and tighten up the sagging areas of the face and neck. The technique for inserting various threads for the lifting of facial skin as well as of other areas of the body has been in use for a long time. Threads made of a range of materials were inserted into the problematic areas and stayed in the tissues permanently. It is only recently that radically new 3D meso threads have emerged aimed at recreating the 3D structure of the skin for aesthetic purposes, making it fresher and younger and, most importantly, completely disappearing within several months! Skin lifting using meso threads is non- traumatic since very fine needles are used in the procedure. The treatment does not involve skin incision, while the spots where needles were injected heal rapidly and disappear without a trace.

The high elasticity of meso threads allows them to provide the so-called “spring” effect, which massively accumulates its function when multiple threads are placed in a single area, while adhering to a particular architecture during their insertion. The created soft-hard surround frame is harmoniously integrated into the tissue without causing any internal discomfort or externally visible deformities, which may occur due to active mimicry as other methods are employed.

Meso threads made from high-quality biodegradable suture – polydioxanone (PDO) (used in microsurgery for about 30 years) are inserted using a needle-
conductor. It is polydioxanone that, when placed into the skin, causes fibroblasts (the main skin cells responsible for its youthfulness and beauty) to switch from passive state to active and synthesize collagen. Threads in living tissues undergo strictly controlled hydrolytic decomposition into metabolites that the body is accustomed to: water and carbon dioxide. This is the reason 3D meso threads not only enable skin lifting but also contribute toward improving the skin quality, since, as we have mentioned, water brings moisture and CO2 enhances the skin metabolism and increases its microcirculation. Therefore the procedure itself is not only safe but is also very healthy performing simultaneously two functions: lifting the skin and improving its quality.

After 180 – 240 days the threads are completely reabsorbed leaving no scar tissue. What remains is a light hardening of the connective tissue, which continues to fulfill the framework function for the next 18-24 months.

Rapid reabsorption of the threads is an important condition for enabling the formation of young collagen without harming the tissue microcirculation in the treated areas.

The effect of the 3D facelift is instantly visible. Approximately 2 months after the treatment, a framework made of young connective tissue is formed followed by skin hardening (retraction), which substantially reinforces the treated areas. Upon patient’s request, the procedure can be repeated 2 years later, while this time the amount of threads installed is significantly lower.

3D meso thread lifting is a relatively pain-free procedure performed under local anesthesia. The amount of installed threads is individual and is determined by the practitioner performing the procedure.

Series of Treatments

3D meso threads are usually installed in a series of procedures. If the patient has undergone profound aging changes, these won’t be easy to alleviate within one session, therefore a 2-3-stage treatment is required. The skin must not be overstimulated; it must be treated gently, allowing it time for recovery, adaptation and response to alien tissue. If the skin problems aren’t severe, they can be alleviated within a single procedure.

Counter-indications to using meso threads:

• autoimmune diseases;

• severe somatic diseases;

• blood coagulation problems;

• mental and neurotic disorders;

• malignant neoplasms;

• inflammatory skin diseases in the area subject to procedure;

• inserted earlier non-biodegradable injection implants in the area

subject to procedure;

• liability to keloid and/or hypertrophic cicatrices;

• pregnancy;

• breast-feeding

• fever

Side effects and complications:

hematoma, pain, tingling, local swelling, hardening, erythema.

Nodules, granulomas and infectious complications are extremely rare with use of this material.


• limit your mimicry (for up to 7 days)

• avoid strenuous physical activity (up to 5 days)

• avoid sudden temperature changes (sauna, solarium)

• do not apply beauty products (makeup) for the first 12 hours

• avoid natural or artificial sun tanning for 2-3 weeks

• avoid treatments involving skin layer removal (massage, skin abrasion)

for 3 weeks.