darc_circlesThey say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. When eyelids begin to sag, wrinkles appear, and dark circles and bags develop, you may feel that the youth within your soul is obscured by aged and tired curtains. Even if the rest of your face and body still look young, your eyes are the first thing that people notice. Signs of age in this area can steal all of the attention. Dark under-eye circles can appear for a variety of reasons, and it is imperative to determine the clinical cause in order to effect appropriate treatment. A common reason for dark under-eye circles is the tear trough deformity. The tear trough deformity is a depression under the eyes which is often mistakenly perceived as just skin discoloration. In reality, the dark color of the circles is often greatly exaggerated by a pronounced tear trough under the eye. The tear trough will deflect light, thereby creating a shadow and an apparent increase of under eye circles and discoloration.The nature of the tear trough deformity is very complex and often has multiple factors such as genetics, aging skin and unique anatomy of the area under the eye. Until recently, plastic surgeons have had limited options in improving tear trough deformity. Surgical options involved major surgical interventions with long down time and potential side effects. These were the main reasons why most patients had to settle for living with dark circles under the eyes, giving them a chronically tired appearance.