lipsThere has been a dramatic increase in aesthetic procedures in Western culture in the past few decades, with an increasing focus on achieving aesthetic ideals and maintaining a youthful appearance. Full lips have become increasingly desirable as they are thought of as an aesthetic ideal symbolizing youth, vitality, and sensuality. Anthropometric studies have shown that wider and fuller lips in relation to facial width are a mark of female attractiveness. Every lip is different, and there is no single formula for successful lip augmentation; to a large degree, it is more an art when science. Achieving a natural look requires a thorough understanding of anatomy, available materials, and technique. In general, the objective in treating the lips is to create a form that aesthetically harmonizes with the patient’s unique facial features and takes into account the age and ethnic background of the patient. Nowadays, the more up-to-date look for a perfect lip is this one: “the correction has been done, but no one can notice it.” Lip enhancement, also known as lip augmentation, includes a variety of cosmetic procedures able to add fullness to the lips. Although there is currently a wide range of surgical options for lip augmentation and enhancement, dermal fillers present a non-invasive and cost effective alternative that does not have the inherent risks of surgery.
The results that can be achieved using dermal fillers for lip enhancement are stunning and natural looking. Hyaluronic acid fillers can be used to replace the lost volume in your lips or to redefine your lip contours by injecting the fillers along the vermilion line (the line between your lips and the adjacent normal skin). Procedures may be performed on both lips or on just the upper or lower lip. The exact nature of the procedure will vary according to the particular patient and the technique and generally takes about 30 minutes. An ultrafine needle is used to inject the filler material directly into the lips after the anesthesia has been administered. The location of the injection is very important and may determine patient satisfaction. The length of time the lips look full following treatment will vary greatly. However, the treatment may be effective between 4 to 6 months and will require repeat treatments in order to maintain the effect. Lip augmentation treatment using skin injections can restore a youthful pout and change the appearance of the entire face altogether.