handsThe hands—along with the face, neck, and decolte —are the most visible parts of the body and require attention to rejuvenation. As with facial skin aging, a gradual loss and disorganization of collagen and elastin fibers and connective tissues that provide underlying support for skin cause aging of the hand. Genetic factors may alter the rate of this normal aging process. In addition, environmental factors, predominantly ultraviolet light exposure and cigarette smoking, can accelerate skin aging. Various cosmetic procedures that target different aspects of the aged hand can be used individually or in combination depending upon the problem at hand.Hand rejuvenation is an expanding area of soft tissue regeneration, as many patients are looking for treatments that restore a more youthful appearance to the hands. Now you can turn back the hands of time! Dr. Kezerman has designed a protocol using minimally invasive techniques to tighten crepe-like skin, to reduce the appearance of age spots, and to camouflage prominent , torturous veins on the back of the hands. Hand rejuvenation is an ideal way to improve the skin tone, skin texture and overall appearance of your hands to complement your other anti-aging efforts and ensure every handshake is a confident one.


There are multiple substances used to fill the back of the hands and give them a more plump, youthful appearance. Dr. Kezerman uses natural dermal fillers to add volume to the skin and to promote new collagen formation, giving instant results that improve over time. Both men and women can benefit from volume restoration and can attain that plumper, more youthful appearance of their earlier years with the right technique and product. The non-permanent dermal fillers used by Dr Kezerman provide a safe, non-surgical method of instantly refreshing older-looking hands by plumping up the skin and adding volume to the back of the hands. The results that can be achieved using dermal fillers are stunning and natural looking.


Solar lentigenes are relatively easy to remove. These superficial depositions of pigment are responsive to a variety of laser and intense pulsed-light treatments. Intense pulsed light therapy uses a multi-wavelength light source to fade the dark spots that form on the arms and hands due to sun exposure. This quick, painless procedure involves exposing the skin to a flash of bright light that targets the dark pigment while leaving the normal pigment untouched. In a week or 2, the spots slowly flake or peel and reveal new, normal-colored skin below. One to 3 of these procedures can remove the vast majority of solar lentigenes and make a dramatic difference in the appearance of the hand. Of course, because the sun is responsible for their formation, the daily use of sunscreens is the best defense to help prevent new dark spots.


Thermage has now made the technology possible to tighten and thicken the delicate, crepe-like skin that develops on the hands over time. One treatment session is all that it takes to regain the smooth skin of youth that moisturizing alone cannot achieve. Increasing the thickness of the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the hand is a bit more difficult, but it can be done. Laser procedures that use fractionated infrared wavelengths will not only remove brown spots but will also increase dermal thickness and make the skin on the back of the hands less crepey. Multiple intense pulsed-light treatments will also increase dermal thickness but to a lesser extent.
The nature of recovery after a hand rejuvenation procedure or combination of procedures mainly depends on exactly which treatments were performed. Most hand rejuvenation treatments involve minimal downtime and very few temporary side effects.