Brow-LiftThe eyelid-eyebrow complex is an area in which minor improvements can translate into excellent aesthetic results. The ideal brow shape and position varies considerably with age, gender, culture, and current aesthetic trends. In most regards, brow aesthetics largely have remained unchanged, although some minor modifications over the last several years have been noted. Eyebrow position varies in men and women and tends to lower with aging due to gravitational effects and to the reduction of the support given by soft tissues and orbital arches. This descent is especially significant in its lateral third. Patients usually complain of a tired look and upper-eyelid fullness when the lateral part of the eyebrow droops.There is no shape or position of a brow that will be ideal for all individuals. Each patient and each face must be evaluated individually, and all influential factors should be considered. In our experience, patients do not desire the more exotic eyebrows of fashion models. However, they do wish to reverse the signs of aging and appear as they did when they were younger.A lateral brow lift is a procedure that can be very effective for people with mild to moderate brow heaviness due to naturally-dropping eyelids or low-hanging eyebrows.

The brow lift literally raises the skin tissues surrounding the eyes and eyebrows, so that the natural eyebrow arch is a few millimetres higher. It tends to leave the eyes looking wider and more youthful.Many methods have been described for eyebrow lifting. A lateral brow lift with Botox is an increasingly popular anti-ageing procedure for men and women. Botox is injected into two or three muscles that usually pull the brow down; by weakening these muscles and changing the dynamic balance among facial muscles pulling in different directions, a lift in appearance is achieved. Although a lateral brow lift can be achieved through cosmetic surgery, Botox injections offer a fast, safe, and non-invasive alternative, with no downtime or recovery. Within days, patients report looking more natural with a more youthful overall appearance.

A brow lift with dermal fillers can be achieved by injecting the fillers into the area above the eyes to help restore the fullness of the upper eyelid. The fat around the upper eyelid and brow area is gradually lost with age, which can lead to a skeletal looking brow. Fillers can raise and slightly project the eyebrow in all its length or only in its lateral third giving the brow 3D appearance and producing lifting effect. Dermal fillers restore the volume of the skin in this area, giving the patient a more youthful appearance. The non-permanent dermal fillers used by Dr Kezerman present a non-invasive and cost effective means of lifting the brow. Most importantly, they have a proven safety record. The results that can be achieved using dermal fillers for a lateral brow lift are stunning and natural looking.