Why Choose DR. Simon Kezerman?

simonsitCosmetic procedures are safer, more effective and longer lasting than ever before. The world of aesthetic medicine has experienced a shift over the last decade. As every survey has shown, non-invasive treatments have easily overtaken surgical procedures in popularity. More importantly, their advent has made the very concept of cosmetic enhancement much more accessible, acceptable and affordable for ordinary people. They have become a regular and popular topic of everyday conversation as society has become more open about the subject and its merits. To a certain extent, cosmetic procedures have for some become a normal and a necessary part of life.

Due to prolonged social and professional life expectancy, looking young and fresh is many patients’ heart’s desire as they long for beauty, harmony, grace and elegance. In remarkable similarity, these are the exact qualities required of an artist working on his creation. Meet Dr. Simon Kezerman, an artist who, in perfect harmony, conducts he’s Clinic. He is a man who understands the passion for beauty and knows how to make it a reality.

Having been an M.D. for the past 16 years with a 7-year experience of working at the Tel Hashomer Hospital, Dr. Kezerman turned to aesthetic medicine 8 years ago with the aim of combining his two great passions – art and medicine. Dr. Kezerman’s artistic past as a painter and sculptor in his native Georgia, combined with rich medical knowledge and vast experience in aesthetic medicine, gives his work an added dimension of precision and grace in an area, whose essence is aesthetics, beauty and proportions. Using high-quality products and advanced technology, combined with personal care and attention to details – all of these ensure excellent treatment providing our clients proven results in various fields of aesthetic medicine, such as: dermal fillers and botox injections, facial sculpting, threadlifting and more.

Our clients are delighted with the outcome that can be achieved and say they not only look and feel years younger, but their confidence is also significantly boosted. However, when you visit our website, remember that whatever your reasons for choosing aesthetic procedure, it is important to have realistic expectations. Aesthetic medicine deals in improvement – not in perfection. Improving a feature of the face or body may give you greater self-confidence and add to your sense of well being, but it is not a guarantee of happiness or better relationships with others. We can enhance your appearance, the rest is up to you.